P330 4-channel benchtop capacitive level sensor simulator

Capacitive Level Sensor Simulator - P330
  • Four independent, isolated channels of simulated capacitive fuel/oil/fluid level sensor simulation
  • Three ranges of 3-wire capacitance and three ranges of resistance/conductance per channel
  • Monotonic, glitch-free settings within each range
  • 16 bit capacitance and conductance resolution
  • Simulates sensor cable open/shorted faults
  • Measures and reports excitation amplitudes and frequencies
  • Includes BIST built-in-self-test and status/excitation LEDs
  • Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Internal LOCK switch may be set to disable writes to nonvolatile memory
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The P330 is a 4-channel benchtop/rackmount simulator of capacitive fuel or oil liquid level sensors. Each independent, isolated channel can simulate both the resistive and conductive components of a coaxial level sensor. The values are simulated electronically with 16-bit resolution, and are monotonic and glitch-free programmable within each impedance range. Interface is USB and Ethernet. The P330 measures and reports realtime excitation voltages and frequencies, can simulate sensor faults, and includes LED indicators and BIST.

FUNCTION 4-channel 3-wire capacitive fluid level sensor simulator
CHANNELS A B C D, capacitance+resistance, independent, isolated
FREQUENCY RANGE 1 KHz to 50 KHz at specified accuracy, functional from 250 Hz to 250 KHz
EXCITATION INPUT 44 volts p-p max sine or triangle, AC coupled, 100K nom input impedance
CAPACITANCE RANGES 5-50 pF, 10-500 pF, 100-5000 pF
Resistance ranges can be extended at reduced accuracy
ACCURACY Capacitance: ± 2% of range ± 1 pF
5K-100K ± 1% of setting
50K-1M ± 1% of setting
500K-1M ± 1% of setting
1M-10M ± 5% of setting
Sine phase error: 1.5 degree Typ. 1KHz to 50 KHz
RESOLUTION 16 bits, capacitance or conductance
OUTPUTS 20 mA RMS max, AC coupled
CONNECTORS 2 BNCs per channel, excitation and output
One 2.4 mm barrel for +24 power
COMMUNICATIONS USB serial port emulator, 115.2 Kbaud
10/100 Mbps Ethernet
POWER External 24 volts DC, AC adapter furnished
PACKAGING 7.0" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 2.5" (H) Aluminum enclosure
INDICATORS LEDs indicate power, communications, excitations, USER
BIST Functional self-test provided

PDF Block Diagram: P330 4-channel benchtop capacitive level sensor simulator

PDF Datasheet: P330 4-channel benchtop capacitive level sensor simulator

PDF Manual: P330 4-channel benchtop capacitive level sensor simulator

P330-1: 4-channel benchtop capacitive level sensor simulator

J24: 24 volt 1.2 amp power supply

J27: 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel to pigtail power cable

P51: Mounting Flange