V370 4-channel VME arbitrary waveform generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator - V370
  • 4 independent Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) frequency sources allow smooth variation of waveform rep-rates without requiring waveform table reloads
  • Per-channel divisors allow simulation of fractional 'gear-ratio' waveshapes
  • 4 versatile, memory-table-driven waveform generators support waveform read/write operations concurrent with wave generation
  • From 64 to 65,536 discrete points per waveform at up to 15 MHz point step rate and 100 KHz analog bandwidth
  • Continuous-play (non-repetitive waveform) modes available
  • 32-bit frequency resolution and 16-bit amplitude resolution
  • Output frequency, amplitude, phase, filtering, and DC offset are smoothly alterable in real time
  • Channels may operate independently or may be synchronized within a module or across multiple modules, up to 64 channels total
  • Output stage analog summing allows mixing of up to four waveforms
  • Onboard microprocessor performs macro commands: Fourier expansions, gear tooth simulation, pulse train generation, and programmed parameter sweeping

The V370 is a versatile VME four-channel arbitrary waveform generator. The module architecture was designed in cooperation with major aircraft engine and power systems manufacturers to provide the features needed for accurate simulation of real-world sensor inputs.

The module is ideal for: simulation of sensor signals from complex rotating machines, generation of pure and distorted polyphase AC waveforms, with all waveshape parameters (frequency, amplitude, phase, distortion components) smoothly variable in real time, generation of complex pulse trains with realtime control of relative pulse positions and amplitudes, and shake table, servo, or actuator drives.

This product is not recommended for new design. Consult factory for more information.
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